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Before The Lounge existed the youth nights were run by a few volunteers in the function room at the local social club. It was soon decided that this was not an ideal place to run these sessions on a regular basis so the idea of a permanent venue was considered. In January 2011 this idea was realised when the Lounge opened for business.

Today the sessions are led by a trained youth worker and is assisted by a pool volunteers, all of whom are DBS checked. Sessions are held in blocks of ages, so as to provide age appropriate activities as well as ensuring that the younger children are separated from their older peers who may not always behave in a manner suitable for their age group. It also allows the youth workers to discuss matters that are not suitable for the younger groups, or simply not relevant.

The youth work can consist simply as casual drop in sessions where the kids come in, have a chat and hang about with their friends or

In addition to The Lounge, we may use other facilities where deemed they are more suitable, such as the original social clubs function room for team games or sessions, or the Meadows, a large local park, where outdoor activities take place in the summer. We also partner up, where possible with other local groups and venues such as the local football and cricket clubs who help

We are proud of what has been achieved, thanks to the hard work of everyone involved as well as the kind and generous support we have received from the public and businesses in and around our villages. Having seen the impact it makes to the lives of local villages, people are justifibly impressed with what has been achieved with the facilites and finances we have. The youth themselves have also done their fair share of fundraising with cake baking, stands at the local fetes and raffles, as well as playing their part in village life with singing and dancing performaces at Alvechurchs annual Picnic in the Park and helping out with inter-generaltional activities showing that they too have their part in society.