The Lounge is based in the very heart of the village of Alvechurch, in the main local shopping area called The Square. Formally Miss Elizabeth, a hairdressers that served the residents for many years until the site was taken over by The Lounge when the former owner retired

With good links to the road,rail and canal networks, if you are passing by feel free to pop in and experience the family friendly atmosphere, whilst enjoying some of our freshly made food and drinks in the knowledge that every item bought helps run the venue and support the Youth and a multitude of other projects we get involved in, as well as supporting the local economy.

The History

Converting the site from a hairdressers into a modern, multi-functional Internet cafe was a challenge taken on by a few brave, dedicated volunteers with a vision of creating a venue that could not only function as a place that serves food and drink, but also can double up as a youth venue at night, a place where kids could go and enjoy themselves, without causing a disturbance to the wider public. The rebuilding and decoration was undertaken by both paid and unpaid professionals as well as willing volunteers, with many people not only donating their skills, but often materials and equipment.

Over several months, the place was transformed into the venue everyone hoped for and opened for use on Friday the 14th January 2011


From Tuesday to Saturday,The Lounge is a great place to eat and drink, with high speed internet, free access computers, great local food and a family friendly atmosphere. You are more than welcome to drop in for a cup of tea or a full lunch, no matter if you are a parent with a couple of toddlers in tow, a group of silver surfers working out where to take your next holiday or a workman who needs a bacon sandwich before getting the next job done. The Lounge also hosts regular events, such as the Knit and Natter on alternate Mondays, occasional music sessions by local artists and special one off fundraising events, such as bake sales.

In the evening, it is turned over to it’s primary goal, and that is to be the main focal point for Alvechurch Communities Together (ACT) youth project. Although it is the main focal point for the youth project, where it is required, for example space restrictions or requiring an outdoor space, the youth will often use other locations through out the village.

The future

With the help of fundraisers, business supporters and those of you that enjoy eating and drinking at The Lounge, we aim to increase the amount of work and energy we put into supporting the youth and local community. We are undertaking a refurbishment program as funds allow, to make the environment even better by the use of multifunctional furniture and improved facilities for everyone. After a recent donation specifically given to us for use on refurbishment, we were able to replace the old “temporary” signs with a bold new three dimensional sign, a door that improves the appearance and security of the premises and allows us to give the village a community cafe they can be proud of.