Digitial ArtThese next two weeks we'll be registering for the Media/Creative Arts Course. It'll be run up until Christmas, and will include podcasting, video diaries and minute long videos. Allowing and giving, great new creative skills to those who attend, a way to report back progress and future events at The Lounge, also news and other events in the Childrens world they wish to share. It's ASDAN accredited, funded by the National Lot...tery, and ultimately allows recognition for the skills and knowledge gained during the course, by way of a nationally recognised certificate. The places are limited to 15, so we are going to give first refusal to the dozen or so aritiststic attendees from last term. Who, attended Daves Media Workshop a few weeks ago. And I think they'd all say how much fun it was, I was captivated too!
We're also lucky enough to be joined by Kieran Durrant, with his big ol lense and great eye for capturing the moment! He'll talk us through his passion and give us a few handy photo tips to click away ourselves....
Welcome back, we hope you all enjoyed the hols and we look forward to seeing you on Tuesday. Great space, great ideas, great time!
Only @The Lounge.
Tuesday 6 - 8pm.

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