You may of noticed that one of the last updates was stating The Lounge had a crisis meeting over it's future due to large scale cutbacks in its funding.

helpsmallWe are pleased to say, a large number of people, realising what a valuable asset The Lounge is to the village of Alvechurch and indeed, to the larger parish area, put themselves forward to help get The Lounge back on it's feet and hopefully make it even better than ever before.

We have enlisted new trustees, a chairperson and treasurer, as well as teams dedicated to enhancing fundraising, financial stability and youth provisioning.

There have been several meetings and countless emails exchanges with ideas, many we will be rolling out over the next few weeks.

We are having to make some tough choices throughout this period, but be rest assured they are in the best interest of The Lounge and Alvechurch Communities Together. Only by making tough decisions now can we ensure the long term survivability of the project.

However there is one critical element that we cannot survive without and that is the custom of the people of Alvechurch. The more you use the facilities, the more money we raise and the more we secure its future.

So please support us, by dropping in  for a coffee and cake, making a donation, entering the forthcoming lottery or consider doing a sponsored event in out name.

Thank you everyone, for you continued support and understanding.