Are you aged 13-19 and free on Sunday 8th June, between 4pm and 7:30pm?

Then come check out this FREE event at Sanders Park

For the parents of those attending youth sessions.

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Half Term Events for [email protected] The Lounge.

The Lounge will be holding some special events over half term, so come and check out what's happening.

Mental Health Awareness Week - May 12 to 18

Pink Elephant is offering a series of wellbeing workshops for young people and their parents.

Pink Elephant


One in four people experience mental health illness and it is commonly known that most mental health problems begin in adolescence.

Local ladies Tracy, Emily and Leanne launched Pink Elephant this year because they understand just how difficult the teenage years are and how important, as well as challenging it is to be a parent or carer.

Children, young people and families experience many different problems and you may recognise or have experienced any from the few mentioned here:



* Anxiety, stress, depression, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties

* Eating disorders, sleep difficulties, trauma/abuse, anger issues

* Bereavement, bullying, divorce, exam stress, autism, self-harm

* Older children/siblings leaving home, moving to a new school, new college, sixth form or university

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