Anna Stockdale The Lounge will be once again taking part in Picnic In The Park, with a stand selling refreshments and goodies and this year, The [email protected] will also be hosting their own table with a tuck shop as well as a nail and temporay tatoo stand. 

We look forward to seeing you all.


Just another big thank you to Cynthia Crawford and the Knit And Knatter group for recently racing a fantastic £311.00. Of course we would like to thank all of those of you that took part in the raffle and those that contributed.

website downToday we had a outage for a few hours which may of caused some concern.

We migrated our website to new servers today and there were a few hiccups as we moved things across. During this time if you visited the website you may of either been asked to download a file, or it may of automatically done it without you being prompted (depending on your browser). Don't worry, they are completly harmless, small text files that are required when you visit almost any website. The issue was the way it was set up on the server, your device was told to download it instead of running it.

Apologies for any concern this may of caused and it's all fixed can be sure of this this because you can read this article.

If you want any more info, just fill in the contact form and I'll explain.

Stu (The Lounge IT guy).

Skiffle  5 6 specials

We will be holding another high tea and music event with the highly entertaining 5,6 Specials. It will be taking place between 2pm and 4pm on the 20th of April at The Lounge. Tickets are £5 including high tea. Tickets are available from The lounge in person or by calling on 0121 445 5512. Reserve your tickets early as we often sell out. All profits go towards The Lounge and the youth projects we run.

Look forward to seeing you there!

Facebook Logo on Monitor

Just to let you know we have added the Youth face book stream to the website, so that those of you that dont have (or don't want) a Facebook account can still get the latest updates. Just go to the About @youth  or Youth News pages and you should find it there.

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