March 7th, 7.30pm at The Baptist Church Hall

NewLoungeLogoTransparentNoWhiteArticleIt has been six and a half years since "The Lounge" project was initiated. In that time it has overcome many challenges: Now, in March 2016, it faces its most serious yet. As many of you will have heard over the last eight weeks The Management Group has been reduced to four and, as a result, we now have no elected Chair, Secretary or Treasurer.  Alongside this, due to Government cuts, funding from Worcestershire County Council will cease from March 2016.  The future of the project now lies in the balance.

A public meeting is to be held on March 7th at 7.30pm at The Baptist Church Hall to discuss the future of the project; at which it is hoped new personnel and new ideas will be forthcoming to overcome the latest challenge.  We would encourage you to come along if you are keen to see this project move forward into a new phase.