Help Wanted ImageACT Management Group is looking for someone who has HR experience and knowledge (and a small amount of time) to join the management team. At present we employ five people on a part time basis and some specialist knowledge of HR would be particularly beneficial to the project.

What does the Management Group do?
The Management Group meets approximately every six weeks with the purpose of:


  • Managing the business of the charity and complying with the requirements of the Charities Act.
  • Looking at the project from an overall perspective.
  • Bringing specific skills developed through professional or personal life to the project.
  • Having a corporate responsibility for all areas of the project including finance, safeguarding, health and safety.
  • To ensure the development of an annual business plan.
  • To have an individual responsibility for a strand of the initiative, acting as first call of reference, ensuring statutory regulations are met, and making decisions, referring if necessary to the Management Group or Chair in an emergency.