It's here, the new website!

Responsive Web DesignThe new website has finally arrived, a little later than hoped, but we hope you like it. All the content from the old one has been carried across and this one will be updated to bring it up to date over the next couple of weeks.

Other than "boring" technical reasons to perform the update, the new website will workmuch better on mobiles, tablets and modern browsers.

We've gone for a more simplified design, making it easier to find your way around, cutting out much of the things that didn't focus on the core principles of the charity. We've added a Facebook feed for those of you that don't have accounts and for those of you that do, you'll find it easier to go back over past posts. 

The site is still a little bit of an "in progress" update, so please feel free to let us know, via the contact form, if you come across any bugs, or errors on the pages, as we may of missed them.

As always we'd like to thank you for the ongoing support and look forward to hearing from you.