Doing A Fun Run or Cycle Ride?

Are you aiming to challenge yourself this year and fancy raising some money at the same time? We need your help.

The Lounge and Alvechurch Communities Together have created a fundraising page with BT's My Donate, to make it easier for anyone to take part in a sponsored event and raise money for The Lounge and all the work it does.

What is BT My Donate?

Simply put it an on-line sponsorship form where you can create your own page, take part in an event of your choosing and help raise money for the Lounge. People can go to your profile and sponsor you, or simply donate funds to The Lounge.

Why have we chosen BT Donate over Just Giving or many of the others out there?

Simply put, we want to maximise our return and not pay more out than we get in. Whilst there is nothing run with many of the others, people may be surprised that many of these donation sites are FOR profit organisations , with set up fees, commission, annual and monthly fees, whereas BT only takes the cost of processing the credit card, so in effect make a loss in providing the service.

This give a rough guide to the fees charged, although a little out of date.

Why don't you use Gift Aid?

We are working to get this sorted ASAP, but in the meantime, you can still donate or raise money via sponsorship.

How can I find out more or create my page?

Simply follow the link below and click on the links.