The Lounge email.

The lounge has it's own email system so you can have you own exclusive This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. address. It is live but no accounts have currently been set up. If you would like an account, please use the contact form (not yet live) to update your details.

To access the web-mail, click the icon below.

 Email Link

Alternately you can use a number of email clients to access it from home. See the help guides for more info (not live)

Other email providers

Although The lounge give you a simple to remember address, it can't offer the same level of features and storage in the same way as the big providers. Here is a selection of some of the main players.

Google Gmail:

Gmail Link

Huge storage space and many advanced features.


Microsoft Live / Hotmail:

Large storage and access to many other services including MSN Messenger.


Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail

Also gives access to multiple services including Flickr Photos and Yahoo messenger