You may of noticed a pop up asking about cookies

As you may of noticed, we've introduced a new option to accept cookies, it's nothing to panic about, it the law!

A new EU directive has stated that all websites that use "cookies" must get a persons permission before they can be put on a machine. As pretty much every website out there uses cookies, you will see these kind of pop up's more and more as the law is enforced.

Rather than go into an in-depth explanation of what a cookie actually does, we're providing a couple of links to to help you out. They explain it far better than we can. We are currently writing a privacy policy which will state what exactly we use our cookies for, but as a general guide, we have no interest in tracking your behaviour and simply use it for stats; for example seeing what pages are being read (see the hit counter, that doesn't work without them) and how many people visit the site.


Take a look at this guide for a good explanation of what they are and how they are used:


If you are feeling brave, then take a look at the EU directives.

Explained in "simple" terms here:

and the official terms here (good luck):