Alvechurch Communities Together is now a registered charity.

Charity Registration Number 1154840

After several months of hard work by  several of our volunteers we are pleased to announce that Alvechurch Communities Together is now officially a UK registered charity. We would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone involved in making ACT / The Lounge the success it is today. Below are a few questions and answers, that we hope will help you understand why we decided to change to a charity and what it means for everyone involved in the project and the community as a whole.

Q. I thought The lounge was already a charity?

A. ACT / The Lounge was previously an non-profit organisation, so although similar in nature, being a charity gives us a wider scope when it comes to financing the project.


Q. So what advantages are there to being a charity over a non-profit?

A. Although we have received a great deal of support from the public, businesses and government agencies, many people and especially large business will not deal with any social enterprise or non-profit that is not registered with the Charity commission. It also opens up furthers opportunists to reduce our general operating costs as well as giving us greater tax concessions, which means we can channel more money back into the project as a result.


Q. So what does it mean for the community?

A. Simply it means, the less money we spend on the basic costs of keeping the project alive, the more money we can spend directly on the things that matter, better facilities, greater range of services and exciting new and innovative projects.


It's very early days in our new format, so once the dust settles and the benefits start to take effect, we will be updating the community with more information. As always, you are more than welcome to get involved in anyway you want, just drop us an email or pop in and someone will get back to you as soon as we can.