BRMB Are Coming To The Lounge 

brmb logo"Foxy & Guiliano" from BRMB Radio will be at The Lounge on Thursday 10th of Febuary between 12:00 and 1:00pm

Foxy and Giuliano BRMB Logo 

As part of their ‘Community Service’ programme, Foxy & Guiliano will be broadcasting LIVE! from The Lounge.


Members of the local WI, Silver Threads and the Ex-Servicemens' groups in Alvechurch have been invited to The Lounge on February 10th to enjoy a free cup of tea and biscuits with two local celebrities from BRMB Radio.

'Foxy and Guiliano' will be serving refreshments at The Lounge as part of their committment to supporting local community initiatives. The event promises to be good fun and is an important part of supporting our local community'

Foxy and Giuliano photo


Please continue your support of the Lounge. We urgently need more Volunteers to share our work-load and pledges/support from local businesses.
Enquire at The Lounge or use the "Contact Us" links on this site