Advertising with The lounge.

As part of our ongoing efforts to keep the Lounge up and running, we are looking towards advertising to help finance the project.




On the website, over time, you will see some adverts appear. We don't intend this to be annoying or intrusive, but they can help us keep going.  We aim to serve up two types of ads, dynamic and static. Dynamic are the ones that take you to another site, such a the Amazon one. These can provide money by either a price-per-click, or giving us a percentage cut of what you buy on the site.

For example, Amazon give us a healthy percentage on everything you buy, but the great thing is, it costs you nothing! So instead of going straight to Amazon's site to  buy something, visit The Lounge, click on the Ad and carry on shopping (we don't get to see what you buy)!

The Lounge Venue

We will be willing to put up a small ad in the window, or in locations within the venue (for example on a menu), provided it is suitable for all patrons of the site.

All Ad's are accepted at our discretion.

If you are interested in this, contact us using the "General Enquiries" link in the Contact Us section.