Special Event: Christmas Show

The young people are putting on a Christmas show, 'A 21st Century Nativity' written and produced by Paris Robinson. It is on:

 Thursday 13th December 2012 at 6.30pm at The Social Club Upstairs Room

Special Event - Get In The Picture

On Saturday the 8th of December ACT (The Lounge) and the Baptist church are joining together in a joint event where you can dress up in a nativity costume and get yourself on the web!

Fund raising at School fate for The Lounge

Assistant Youth Worker (to start in January)

13 Hours per week (15.45 – 21.45 Tues and Thurs + 1 hr)

Salary: £7.25 per hour

The Lounge Website Was Hacked on 13th November 2012

Somtime on this date the site was attacked and compromised, taking it offline and potentially exposing visitors to an unknown threat. We have gone public with this so you can check you are not at risk.

You may of noticed a pop up asking about cookies

As you may of noticed, we've introduced a new option to accept cookies, it's nothing to panic about, it the law!

New Opening Hours

Fancy a rest after the morning school run? A quick coffee and a bite before work? Or maybe a mid-morning snack for you early birds? Then our new opening hours may just be the thing.

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